In a Few Words

We see ourselves as an idea agency who can handle the whole process from
brainstorm to project roll out. We like to draw up creative ideas and bring them to
life, build installations, planning branding strategies and execute them.


All our projects combine in some way art, architecture and design with branding,
events and storytelling.



Kulbroen | Concrete guest wall
Branding / Event / Cityhack
Fjällräven | A BAG OF MEMORIES
Art / Storytelling
Aarhus Festuge | Beerbottle Chandelier
Cityhack / Event
Bandage Interior | Art x dimensions
Workshop / Event
Art / Storytelling
United Textile Group | Artwork across space
Art / Branding
Bysgerrig | Urban development
Architechture / Event
“Add Some Art have through their different, exciting and creative approach towards marketing, inspired us to interpret our history in a new way.”


- Fjällräven

how we work

Strategic Research

The research phase is perhaps the most important step towards a successful project. We need to gain key knowledge about your target group or audience.

Who are they? What are their interests? Choice of media? Which direction of design and architectural thoughts should we go in?

Branding Strategy

Whether it’s on a general level or on a small project, we work strategically. And for this we need a strategy. Quite simply because it increases the chance of succeeding with our goals.

ADD SOME ARTs strategies are in line with our design and architectural proposal for the project.

Design & Architecture

We are inspired to rethink the way you reach your target group, design your product or tell your story.  So here we change track.

Based on our research and thoughts on branding, we use our skills within design and architecture to come up with a unique solution in each project.

The element of Drawing Art

The art line of Mathias Meldgaard aka Ti Tegnerier is a recurrent element in the projects of ADD SOME ART.

This strengthens the perception of our work and provides a second degree of creativity, different mindset and something unique, your competitors can’t copy. It makes your brand the one to remember.

We want to create value

Oh yes, we know it sounds a bit trite, but it is our biggest vision in ADD SOME ART. When we do urban developments and installation hacks in the cities, we do it because we believe it increases the value for both people and area. When we create events, we want to give the audience a nice experience and a sticking memory to take with them. And when we work with brands, we try to interpret their story in a way that build a personal bond with their customers. Again by actually giving them something. People don’t give a damn about the majority of todays advertising and marketing. Reason? Because it’s generic, it’s not personal and it’s simply too easy. The immersion and honesty is missing, and people see right through it. It’s about time we stop doing, what we did yesterday and start re-focusing on quality, effort and personal relations to our customers. In everything we do. If not, we should stop doing it.

“Add Some Arts creative and curious attitude towards the project, has created a set of unique and engaging content to SAS’ social media. The content combines SAS’ values about the joy of travel and experience, with Add Some Arts artistic approach to convey a travel experience.”




So this is us, and you are somewhere behind a screen. Don’t be a stranger, let’s get in touch!


Mads Severinsen

+45 60 70 83 97

Mathias Meldgaard
Art & Architecture

+45 51 29 72 67

“Add Some Art handled the whole process from early idea to project roll out. We hope to collaborate with them again in the future”

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